WaterHarvest has a board of ambassadors who contribute their knowledge, experience and specialised skillset to our programmes. Each one of our ambassadors brings a different view or skill and greatly enhances WaterHarvest’s programmes.

Mark Everard

Associate Professor of Ecosystem, UWE Bristol

“I have been documenting learning from my visit to the projects in April 2016 ….. what WaterHarvest is doing is one of those precious jewels scattered across the face of the Earth from which wider society needs to learn, before the roots of the tree are totally debilitated.”

Carl Gilbert


A hydrogeologist, Carl has over eight years of experience working in the remediation and water resources sectors. More recently Carl has been focused on providing a clean water supply to both the Bristol and Midlands areas. He is passionate about ensuring everyone has clean water and looks forward to working closely with Water Harvest on new and exciting projects.

Karrie Liu

Data Analyst

Karrie has a 1st class in MSc in Maths with Modern Applications from University of York and an MSc in statistical epidemiology from University of Leeds. Since graduating, she works in the healthcare and life sciences industries, focusing on adding transformational value by leveraging real-world data assets. Using analytic techniques and technology, Karrie builds Artificial Intelligence and applies machine learning to problems.

Nick Langham

Member of Programme Committee

“I always feel confident talking about WaterHarvest; as a small charity it maximises the benefits of the funds it raises, making use of willing and committed volunteers. It has classic NGO credentials, working with local people, ensuring ownership of projects and thus sustainability. WaterHarvest does, and will continue to make a difference!”

Sam Sharpe

Former Trustee

Sam has been Chief Finance Officer of Save the Children UK since September 2014. Previously he worked for nearly 30 years with the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID). He was Head of DFID’s office in India from 2010 to 2014, having worked previously in India from 1997 to 2000. His other posts included three years as DFID’s Finance Director.

In addition, the following are Ambassadors of WaterHarvest: Jo Tanter, Hugh Boulter, Fred Dickenson, Jon Willis and Angela Willis.