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Water sustains life, but safe clean drinking water defines civilisation”

Water is connected to every form of life on earth.

An adequate,

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The rain water harvesting structures are full

Following a good monsoon, our water harvesting structures are now full.

Our projects depend on a good monsoon.

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Every drop counts, so make water matter

A combination of factors is conspiring to create a crisis.


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Swimming for clean water

Can you help Mark, a visually impaired swimmer, swim the Channel?

If you have recently taken a ferry across the English Channel returning from a summer holiday,

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Water, charity and what we have learned

During their time as WaterHarvest interns over the last few months, Robert Tucker and Molly Joyce have learned a great deal about the work of the charity and the transformative impact of clean water.

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The severe drought in Dholavira and the significance of Water Harvesting

How are the Water Harvesting works in Dholavira village helping reduce the troubles of people and animals during a serious drought?