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Why is the monsoon so important?

With the monsoon set to arrive in Rajasthan in the next fortnight, we look at what makes it so important.

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Going behind-the-scenes

Financial management might not be glamorous, but is the key to WaterHarvest’s impact

This week’s blog highlights the importance of financial management and the role of Dinesh Sharma,

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Our first ever UNESCO Water Conference

Water can be a source of conflict. It should be a source of peace.

This week our CEO, Nicola Floyd,

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Handpumps – small but significant

Somendra Sharma, WaterHarvest’s India Office Programme Manager, explains why handpumps are so important

In regions facing a water deficit,

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The next year

WaterHarvest’s Chair, Neil Mehta, looks to the year ahead

With the end of the fiscal year in March, Spring is always a time when,

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The life-changing impact of clean water

The story of Shravan Lal’s family shows how clean water can transform lives

In 2014 we wrote a piece about Shravan Lal,