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Make a sustainable, positive difference

Forming a corporate partnership with WaterHarvest will offer you the opportunity to be part of an inspiring network of passionate and like-minded people, keen to explore ways in which they can benefit their own organisation and make positive social change.

As a corporate partner, you could visit the projects on the ground, meet the communities and see the impact of your support. We could give your team regular updates over a lunchtime presentation. In addition, volunteering in our Winchester office is always hugely appreciated.


Could WaterHarvest be your corporate charity of the year?

WaterHarvest works in Rajasthan, India, to bring clean drinking water to remote, vulnerable communities. We do this by harvesting the monsoon rains. Our work changes lives sustainably by providing a supply of urgently needed safer drinking water, improving health, relieving poverty and equipping people to earn a living.

Our family water tanks capture rain on a roof or catchment and channel it into a 21,000 litre under ground tank through a filter. The tanks offer a viable, low cost solution for people living with water scarcity. To date, we’ve built 2,203 water tanks capable of harvesting 46 million litres of rainwater each year. As a result, 15,500 desert people have a sustainable water source at home, where it is needed.

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This year, we have planned the following:

105 Water harvesting tanks @ £357 each

31 Roof rainwater harvesting system @£590 each

200 Water saving irrigation systems @£225 each

100 acres of land development chauka @167 each


We work hard to ensure all donations get the maximum impact. By working collaboratively with the Indian State Government and local people, we’re leveraging an additional 114% in India, making every £1 we get worth £2.14.  In 2019 we are working with 45,770 people at an average cost of £4.38 per person.


Visit our financials page for more information on our numbers.

Today in the ‘Great Indian’ Thar desert of Rajasthan, six million women and girls will spend up to eight hours walking to fetch water.

If you would like to discuss forming a corporate partnership with WaterHarvest, we would be delighted to talk about this with you. Please email Nicola Floyd at [email protected] or call her on 07595 53545.