Raising Awareness Amongst the Youth of our Project Villages

January 2018

Since the formation of our partnership with Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) in October 2014, we have worked together to improve Water Use Efficiency in five villages (Raipura, Bhaal, Gopalpura, Govindpura and Jaitpura). Now, following the success of our collaboration, we wish to take our partnership to the next step. With our next collaborative project with TBS now underway, the project focuses on 30 additional villages which fall into the basin of Rivulet Arvari, Sarsa and Bhagani.

The project is designed to raise further awareness amongst local farmers and youth,

Our New Blog

January 2018

Welcome to the WaterHarvest blog.

We are delighted to let you know that there will now be regular updates on our mission for safer and sustainable water in the rural communities of India, so all can follow and keep updated.

Filled with insight into the current project developments, fundraising activities and events, the blog is designed to express the hard work and support surrounding WaterHarvest’s strive for water-based rural development in 2018.

With seven projects currently running across rural areas in India, many fascinating stories, messages and photos will be shared.