Every Drop Counts (2016)

A Little Goes A Long Way - drip irrigation watering a flourishing crop of aubergines, ensuring the livelihood of one poor farmer in the Wakal Valley, with precious water conserved

In many remote villages in Rajasthan, marginalised families struggle to sustain a regular and safe source of water for themselves, their essential animals, and their crops.


WaterHarvest works with these families to enable them to capture monsoon rainwater in their homes and habitats, but once water is secured, they must make critical decisions about how to use it – should they feed the cattle or crops, or is there enough for both? What will give them the best source of food and income?


This is why WaterHarvest has pledged to provide 50 families in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan with a drip irrigation system.


It is a simple system of dripping droplets of water at regular intervals through piping onto the base of plants or ground where plant roots can absorb it. It is easy to maintain, uses far less water than traditional flood irrigation methods (where plants sit in channels of water) and results show that plants are much healthier, stronger and more prolific.


A drip irrigation system for one family plot of land costs just £500. As a result, a family will not only have more water for other things like keeping clean, but more crops to feed themselves, cattle and sell at markets.