Font of Knowledge (2017)

Font of Knowledge Appeal

In rural India, having enough to drink is a daily struggle.

The elders are revered for their wisdom but they are vulnerable. With no running or clean water, life hangs by a thread.

WaterHarvest has pledged to provide an ambitious 300 underground water capture ‘taankas’ for families in the barren lands of the Thar Desert. Each taanka is a co-investment with the benefiting   family – WaterHarvest’s contribution is £350.

With captured monsoon rainwater to drink through the year, elders can stay strong, sharing what they have learnt from the past to build a better future. Ensuring the elders have water will mean each generation has a better chance than the last.

Your Support will Change Lives Forever

Any support you can give to help raise awareness or funds will make a big difference. Whatever you can give will go directly to supporting the families benefiting from this project.

  • £10 will buy 42 bricks to make the walls of a water taanka strong enough to last
  • £17 will buy a bucket and masonry tools to ensure a water taanka is built to a high standard
  • £38 will cover the costs for a whole community to be trained in how to maintain and use a water taanka so it lasts for generations
  • £56 will pay for specialist machinery to dig a deep pit for a water taanka
  • £350 will cover all of WaterHarvest’s co-investment costs for a water taanka (the family benefiting from the taanka will invest a further 40% in cash or in kind)