Donate to our Gujarat campaign

Title of campaign?

Subheading of the campaign?

Text about the project ?

What we are raising funds for? 

How it will help and make a difference?

The impact your funds will have

Bringing clean water in
a sustainable way

Not sure on this – dont want to repeat the same stuff in the intro paragraph ? 

Our project and its work

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Gujarat? or Why WH?

This is really up to you. If your audience are already very familiar with Gujarat and the sorts of challenges people face, maybe talk about what roof rainwater harvesting tanks are? How they work? and how they change lives?

Make a difference to people in xxx ?

Meet xxxx


This would be a few lines about someone who’s life we have changed… and three different photos about her and her family. Whats changed? what does she do? Hows it changed her life? etc etc