Introducing Kailashi

Kailashi watched as her neighbour sowed the same crop of okra and saw him harvest more, with less effort and cost. His new sprinkler system maximised water efficiency and was cheaper to run.

Inspired, Kailashi scraped together the necessary 40% contribution for 10 pipes, 10 sprinklers and 250m roll pipe.  The TBS/WaterHarvest project supported her to construct the system and in 2015 she sowed okra on a third (0.2) acres of her land.


“This time I have a bumper crop in less space with less water.  I have earned INR 96,000 and paid INR 10,000 for labour, giving local employment.  Its saves my labour also, now I can give more time to household chores rather than breaking my spine in fields”.




Kailashi pictured in March 2016 with her daughters-in-law harvesting winter wheat