Jhuma Devi

“My water tank is my family treasure.”

Jhuma Devi is a forty year old woman who suffered alongside her family due to limited access to water. She explained to us that she had to get drinking water for herself and her family from wells far from home because the local water sources are saline. This took up a lot of time each day and had a negative impact on the family. Her children were missing their school lessons and were often affected by water-borne diseases from the unclean water they collected.

After she was selected as a beneficiary of our project, Jhuma was able to construct a rainwater harvesting taanka at her home. Her taanka has a 14,880 litre capacity and rainwater harvested during the monsoon can be stored and used during the dry season.  Jhuma contributed a significant amount of money towards the taanka and participated in the construction of it and feels that the taanka truly belongs to the family.  Jhuma’s children are now able to attend school regularly and she does not have to worry so much about their health being affected by their drinking water. Now that she doesn’t have to fetch water each day Jhuma uses her saved time to focus on other household activities and helping her family.