Leave a legacy

 Where there is water, there is life 

 Ram Lal and his wife, Sita, from the Dudu block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan, have had to fetch and drink unclean water all their lives, and consequently suffer from asthma and premature arthritis. 

Sita had joint-pain from carrying 12kg of water in a ‘matka’ pot on her head, 4 times a day, walking over 2km 

When Sita’s arthritis made it too painful to walk, they had no choice but to ask their pregnant granddaughter to fetch it instead. 

So when WaterHarvest constructed a Roof Rain Water Harvesting System (capturing rain water from a roof into a storage ‘taanka’) at Ram Lal’s house, Sita and her granddaughter were freed of the pain and burden of fetching water from far away. Ram Lal and Sita’s arthritis improved dramatically from drinking clean ‘sweet’ water, and their granddaughter had a safe birth. The sweet water has brought the promise of a healthy and prosperous future. 

 Our promise to you 

We understand that the people you hold dear will always come first 
Pledging a gift is a big decision and we respect that you will make it in your own time 
We are extremely grateful for any type or size of gift, big or small 
We completely respect your privacy and will not share your details 
We will look after your gift with the utmost sensitivity and security 
We will always seek to help those who need it most, regardless of gender, religion, race or caste 
We will answer any questions you have honestly, and sensitively 
You don’t have to tell us that you are leaving us a gift but it helps us to plan our work when we do know 

Your questions answered

We will always be there for you to answer any questions you may have. 

 What type of gift is best? 

Any gift will make a difference. A residuary gift is often chosen because it takes care of family and loved ones first, and remains proportional to the value of the estate by keeping pace with inflation. 

Can I leave a gift to a specific project? 

Yes you can, but the villages we work with change over time, so your gift will be used to maximum effect if it can be used wherever it is needed most. 

What if after I have provided for my family and loved ones, I only have £50 left to give? 

Any gift is valuable to us. £50 will cover the costs of more than 150 fruit and fodder plants, so once a community has water, they can grow and sell produce, providing an income for their family for generations to come. 

We are so lucky in the UK – clean water appears from a tap and we have all we need for healthy lives. I want my support for such an effective, enthusiastic and committed charity to be ongoing for as long as possible, which is why I am including Wells for India in my Will. 

 Julie Bushell 

 Any gift will make a difference 

We are extremely grateful of any gift you leave to us, however big or small. There are three main types of Will that you can consider gifting to WaterHarvest: 

A share of your estate 

This is known as a ‘residuary legacy’, which is a percentage of what remains of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. 

A specific sum 

This is called a ‘pecuniary legacy’, which is a gift of a set amount of money. 

A specific item 

This could be a valuable item, such as an antique, painting, property or share. 

Making a new will 

When you write a new Will, specific wording must be used to ensure it is legally binding. Your solicitor will lay this out for you, based on similar wording for a codicil.