Meet Arjun Lal

Arjun Lal belongs to a tribal community and to earn an income for his family he would regularly go to the jungle to collect jungle products. Two years ago, Arjun Lal was going the jungle for fire wood and fodder for their goat when he climbed a tree and fell from a great height causing severe damage to his spinal cord. He is now totally paralyzed and has no way to earn a sustainable livelihood. A social worker managed to coordinate a support tricycle to help his movement, but still simple daily needs such as going to the toilet were incredibly difficult for him as common for many rural communities, open defecation is the norm. This was not a safe nor dignified option for Arjun Lal and in order to find a solution our partner MSS along with the local government representative helped to construct a toilet for the family. Arun Lal now has the privilege of a little more privacy, dignity and safety.