Meet Laxmi

Laxmi, a young beneficiary at one of our hygiene projects, can now confidently go to school, the market and play with her peers any time she wants, even during her menstruation; a time when most are forbidden in the rural Bhakoomba village. Menstruation here is considered a taboo making it a difficult and troubled time for many women and girls. It becomes a question of their dignity, secrecy and comfort. It was never like Laxmi did not use sanitary pads. Of course she did. The problem lay more in how they were being disposed. She met Rashmi Ji, a social worker from Mahan Seva Sansthan during a FGD conducted under Swachha Bhader Abhiyan. Much to Rashmi Ji surprise, Laxmi had absolutely no idea about what improper menstrual hygiene management could lead to. Rashmi offered her individual consultancy. It was during this session, Laxmi realized the necessity of frequently changing sanitary products to avoid risk of infection and the importance of proper disposal. Before, Laxmi would wait till nightfall so she could secretly dispose of used pads away from home. She did not know this could lead to water contamination. Rashmi explained the correct way of disposal and Laxmi now not only changes her sanitary pads every 8 hours but also can safely dispose of them.