Meet Santhi

As a daughter in law it was Santhi’s responsibility to fetch water for her husband’s family of six. The only (saline) water source was 2km away. It was either that, or paying for expensive deliveries by tractor tanker or camel cart. “We have to rely on tankers or camel carts to get water from far away villages and they charge what they like, between Rs. 1,200 to 1,500”. (up to 30% of monthly income).

Her mother in law Suki says “It was tiring for her to go twice a day, in morning and evening, to get water from Kyar. Around 20 litres collected in each trip. It was a challenge to get her children off to school amidst all other water fetching routine”.

With water now where is it need, collected in the taanka at home, life for the whole family is better and Santhi, previously weighed down with the anxiety and drudgery of fetching water, has even more reason to be glad.