Our financial approach

Strong financial management is fundamental to ensuring the impact of our donors’ money is maximised. At WaterHarvest, we continually evaluate our systems and processes, whilst also trying to make reporting simple for our partners.  We focus on building strong relationships with them so that together we can deliver programmes in the most effective way.

Whilst financial control is important, so is being flexible with project budgets. We recognise that things happen outside of anyone’s control and funds within a project sometimes need to be reallocated. This often needs to happen relatively quickly. Short lines of communication and decision-making are key here. 

Our UK office oversees the budgets and payments to the India office and to the implementing partners. The UK-based Programme Committee meets every quarter to assess new project proposals and review the quarterly reports of current projects.

Collaboration is key

The best results are achieved when work is done collaboratively. Some of our implementing partners are larger and more experienced; others are smaller and need more guidance on how to strengthen their financial management and internal controls. WaterHarvest holds regular group meetings with all our partners, discussing what we expect of them in terms of financial reporting. We also ask for feedback on our reports and systems. Spreadsheets and forms take time to complete, which could be spent in the field, and we therefore listen closely to the feedback of beneficiaries and try to work with our partners to reduce the burden on them, whilst also ensuring we get the information we need to monitor the project. 

See what Tim Good of the Matthew Good Foundation has to say

Don’t just take our word for it. One of our supporters, Tim Good (from the Matthew Good Foundation) recently went out to India to see our projects and take a closer look at the work WaterHarvest does, its impact and its governance. As part of this, he went into our Udaipur office and met with Dinesh Sharma, WaterHarvest India’s finance director. They spent time looking at the financial records, noting the financial processes in place and, after some probing questions, Tim came back impressed. Click below to see what he had to say in his short film.

2018-2019 highlights

Our financial year, ending March 2019 saw our income rise to £355,229. our charity expenditure was £312,177. We continue to focus on grant making bodies. Corporate donations were increased. We increased our digital presence.

“I wholly endorse the philosophy of WaterHarvest. The projects have an impact far beyond their cost and have the capacity to radically change lives for the better.”
Pam Meir, volunteer and long term supporter of WaterHarvest

Annual Review

Our Annual Review gives an overview of the last year and the financial highlights.

Annual reports

Download our most recent annual reports by clicking on the thumbnails below or visit the Charity Commission website.