WaterHarvest ambassadors

WaterHarvest is hugely grateful to our ambassadors for their support. Many of them have been supporters for many years and some give their time and expertise to our programmes.  


Dr Mark Everard – Associate Professor of Ecosystem Services, UWE Bristol

“I have been documenting learning from my visit to the projects in April 2016 ….. what WaterHarvest is doing is one of those precious jewels scattered across the face of the Earth from which wider society needs to learn, before the roots of the tree are totally debilitated.”



Nick Langham – a member of Project Board, speaker & supporter

“I always feel confident talking about WaterHarvest; as a small charity it maximises the benefits of the funds it raises, making use of willing and committed volunteers. It has classic NGO credentials, working with local people, ensuring ownership of projects and thus sustainability. WaterHarvest does, and will continue to make a difference!”


Sam Sharpe – former Trustee of WaterHarvest from 2014-2018

“Water Harvest has done a great job over 30 years in supporting poor communities in desert areas of Rajasthan. WaterHarvest promotes a mix of traditional and new technologies to help villages manage scarce water supplies as effectively as possible. It’s very exciting that, as Water Harvest celebrates its 30th anniversary, WaterWisdom is being launched as fully Indian organisation to build on and expand its work.”

Sam has been Chief Finance Officer of Save the Children UK since September 2014. Previously he worked for nearly 30 years with the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID). He was Head of DFID’s office in India from 2010 to 2014, having worked previously in India from 1997 to 2000. His other posts included three years as DFID’s Finance Director.

Carl Gilbert – Hydrogeologist volunteer

A hydrogeologist, Carl has over eight years of experience working in the remediation and water resources sectors. More recently Carl has been focused on providing a clean water supply to both the Bristol and Midlands areas. He is passionate about ensuring everyone has clean water and looks forward to working closely with Water Harvest on new and exciting projects.

Daphne from Shrewsbury – long term supporter

“WaterHarvest helps people to help themselves through water harvesting and sanitation work; restoring dignity; freeing women and children  from the drudgery of carrying water; bringing improvements to crops, income and health. New facets to life open up.  All this from water? Yes.  Water is such a basic human need, and if helping others means anything at all, it can hardly be better than this.”


Bob Durston – ex Treasurer & supporter

“We were so impressed by the work, and how much could be achieved by spending relatively modest sums of money to alleviate water shortages and poverty, when it is spent wisely and carefully controlled. My lasting memory of our visit was to see an orchard in the middle of the desert as a result of the work by WaterHarvest.”


Tom Holder – volunteer & supporter

“What attracted me to WaterHarvest was the way in which, right from the beginning, the charity worked for the long haul – for a sustainable future.”


Pam Meir – volunteer & supporter

“I wholly endorse the philosophy of WaterHarvest. The projects have an impact far beyond their cost and have the capacity to radically change lives for the better.”


Helen Pakeman – volunteer & supporter

“It was a privilege and a pleasure working as a volunteer with WaterHarvest. It gave me the opportunity to go to India and see at first hand the extraordinary dedication of the team, and the resourcefulness of the people whose lives are changed by the work of WaterHarvest and its partners. This is a small charity making a big difference: being small it has more flexibility to match the work to the needs, can keep its admin costs incredibly low, and maintain its enthusiasm.  What a joy to be part of it.”


Deacon Glenda SIdding and Ken Sidding

“WaterHarvest goes further than just providing safer water. Time saved by the women in collecting water helps to liberate them and the charity has enabled them to establish self-help groups. Recent sanitation work has improved the quality of life in each village, particularly for women and children.”


Hugh Boulter – ex Trustee

Jo Tanter – volunteer & supporter

Fred Dickenson – supporter

Jon Willis – long term supporter & volunteer

Angela Willis – long term supporter & volunteer