Water For Our Daughters (2015)

All she needs is water and sanitation to change her life forever

Help us reach 1 girl in each of our 50 villages and give her a voice, a choice and a future


In rural India, traditionally, women find and provide water for the family’s needs for drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning. They typically spend 1/3 of their lives fetching and queuing for water, walking five miles a day. A ‘matka’ pot weighs up to 20kg and women will carry one or two on their heads, even when pregnant. It is back-breaking, relentless work.

Often, the water they fetch is contaminated so they are left with an impossible choice: certain death without water, or sickness that could lead to death, with it. Every minute, a child dies of a water-related disease.

When women can’t provide enough, their daughters must help. While education for all 6-14 year olds is compulsory, girls as young as 8 years old drop out to fetch water and take care of siblings or livestock.


Of the 2.5bn people living without basic sanitation, 800m are in India, and women struggle the most. Strong cultural beliefs are that open defecation is the most hygienic – only 1 in 3 women has access to a toilet. Without a toilet, it is unacceptable for women to relieve themselves during the day, yet waiting for nightfall

She can be smarter & have a voice

  • Training for her family and neighbours about why and how to use toilets*

*WaterHarvest supports the community to leverage funds from the local ‘Panchayat’ government to fund the building of toilets

She will be safer & more confident

  • Life-saving water filters to make dirty water cleaner and safer to drink

She will be healthier & stronger                  


Please give as generously as you can but any donation will make a difference – every drop counts.

If you are a daughter, you have a daughter, or you know a daughter, please help us raise £500 for all 50 villages and not only change a daughter, but her family, her village and her community, forever.


Dignity for Manisha

When Manisha Kumhar from Charasada village in the Jaipur District of Rajasthan was 8 years old, her mother died and she was pulled out of school to fetch water, and do all the cooking, cleaning, and caring for her brothers, sister, father and grandfather. She suffered terrible shock. But in 2013, her family co-invested in a Roof Rain Water Harvesting System (RRWHS) with WaterHarvest and local partner, Prayas Kendra Sanstha Harsoli (PKS), so instead of going to fetch water, she could go to school. Manisha learnt about hygiene and convinced her father to build a toilet so she, and her younger sister, can grow up with dignity.


Whether it’s to fetch water (and care for siblings because mothers are fetching water), or a lack of privacy when they hit puberty because 4 out of 10 schools don’t have working toilets, all too often, girls are dropping out of school.

Growing up with little or no education means girls don’t know their rights, they don’t have a voice and they don’t have a choice about how to live their lives. Without water and sanitation, they cannot attend school, and they cannot earn an income. They’re more likely to get married young, have children, and the cycle of water poverty begins again, only worse.

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Girl Power

WaterHarvest supports 50 villages in rural Rajasthan to fight water poverty every day. If we can give 1 daughter in each of our 50 villages all her water and sanitation needs, she can become the change maker of her whole community.

With only £500, WaterHarvest can provide:

  • A Roof Rain Water Harvesting System (RRWHS)* collecting monsoon water from roof guttering into an underground storage ‘taanka’, providing drinking water

*WaterHarvest co-invests in RRWHSs with the community so their ownership and maintenance ensures sustainability


She can stay in school & play like a child

  • Educational materials so that she and her whole school can learn about the importance of good personal hygiene and water preservation
  • 1 daughter can have a chance of a full life with water and sanitation
  • 1 daughter can improve the health and prosperity of her family with water and sanitation
  • 1 daughter can motivate a whole community with water and sanitation