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Our Partners

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Gram Vikas Nav Yuvak Mandal (GVNML)

Community led water resources and land development to enhance livelihoods

Prayas Kendra Sanstha Harsoli (PKS)

Providing a safer and sustainable supply of drinking water to marginalized communities in 5 villages of the Dudu block

Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS)

Access to safe drinking water for the water stressed communities of the Thar Desert

Samerth Charitable Trust (SCT)

Reviving traditional water wells and promoting conservation of rainwater harvesting

Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (JBF)

Vulnerability reduction by creating sustainable sources of drinking water through community action

Mahan Seva Sansthan (MSS)

Strengthening agricultural water efficiency and productivity with micro-irrigation systems

Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS)

Promoting efficient use of water in irrigation in Rivulet Arvari, Sarsa and the Bhagani Basin

What we do

At WaterHarvest, we believe that rainfall is an incredible, sustainable source of water that should not be wasted.

Across the drylands of India, people have developed a profound understanding of water and a wealth of wisdom concerning its management. Centuries of innovation have produced a variety of traditional and modern water harvesting structures that capture the sporadic rainfall during the monsoon season and put it to life-transforming use all year round.

Working with local non-governmental organisations who each share our vision and work in the most remote areas, we use and adapt these traditional water harvesting techniques to construct a number of different types of water harvesting structures, each dependant on the physiography and topography of the region, the extent of the rainfall and the purpose they are designed to serve. Our partners are all committed to grassroots participation and transparency in all operations.

How we do it

Primarily, our work can be divided into three sections: rain water harvesting to provide clean drinking water, rain water harvesting to improve livelihoods and rain water harvesting to help the environment.


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Rain Water Harvesting for clean drinking water:


Rain Water Harvesting for improved livelihoods:


Rain Water Harvesting for the environment:


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