We help vulnerable, remote communities catch and store rainwater so they don't have to drink dirty water.

WaterHarvest is a UK not for profit.

Catching and storing rainwater

WaterHarvest is a UK not for profit organization working with rural communities in India to help them to build  structures to catch and store rainwater, giving them clean water at home all year round. 

We sharing our knowledge and experience work with remote, vulnerable communities and help them to adapt our work to suit their own environment and needs. This approach ensures that our programmes create sustainable sources of clean water all year round.

We’re a small, agile, innovative organization using the latest technologies and thinking to deliver cost-effective programmes that create long-term value and impact for the communities that we serve.

Provide clean drinking water

We teach communities to build covered, underground water tanks, generally made from stone, brick or cement. Once constructed, they collect and store rainwater from artificially prepared catchments that surround the tank. 

Improve Crop Irrigation

With an irrigation system, a farmer can increase the yield from his crops and also reduce the amount of time he needs to spend farming.

Harvest roof rainwater

Roof rainwater harvesting systems channel the rain from the roof through guttering and pipes into an underground cement tank. This provides clean water all year round at home for a family.

Promote Land Regeneration

We help to build chaukas, a system of bunds and trenches hold the rain and allow it to percolate down and rejuvenate the land.

How you've helped

Your generosity means that :

1.2 billion litres of rainwater are harvested annually as a result of our work

1,933 villages now have access to clean water

Over 2 million people have indirectly benefitted from our work

32 Years Of Experience

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Our Promise to you

We will stay true to our values

We will ensure your donation has maximum impact by remaining lean, efficient, agile and innovative. We will completely respect your privacy and will not share any details. We will answer any questions you have honestly and transparently. We will deliver cost effective programmes that create long term value and impact for those who need it most, regardless of gender, religion, race or caste.

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