WaterHarvest is a UK not for profit.

We harvest rainwater to provide clean, year round drinking water, to regenerate land and to enable livelihoods in remote rural communities.

Help bring water to remote, rural communities

What we do

We harvest rainwater to provide clean, year round drinking water for remote, rural communities, to regenerate land and to enable farmers to use water efficient irrigation methods. Read more.

Our approach

We are continually looking for ways to improve what we do. We take a scientific approach, we encourage innovation, we try to act as a catalyst – proving concepts and then helping to roll them out widely. We do not impost solutions on our communities or our partners. Read more.

Where we work

We work in communities where there is a need to catch, store and use the rainwater and where our work can be sustainable. Read more.

Giftsonline4U corporate partnership

WaterHarvest are delighted to announce a corporate partnership with Giftsonline4U. In addition to funding a water harvesting tank, they are donating a percentage of profits from sales of some of their products. Please check out the product range

A funder’s view

This short video gives a fantastic insight int o the work we do, the people we help and the challenges we face. Tim Good, from the Matthew Good Foundation, and his team spent several weeks in India visiting our projects, analysing our processes and understanding our approach.

WaterHarvest News

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