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Help communities build
rainwater harvesting structures

As WaterHarvest donor, you are investing in simple, sustainable solutions to bring clean water to remote, rural communities.

As a donor, you will be kept up to date on the impact of your donation, invited to events and invited to join us on virtual visits to the programmes.

Would you consider donating monthly?

Donating monthly increases the impact of your donation. With a regular income stream, we can commit to more projects, plan further ahead so increase efficiency and sustainability and also build long term relationships with our donors. 

See how you can make a difference

A £4 donation enables a family to have water at home for a month. However, the actual impact is even greater than this. We only build rainwater harvesting structures for the most vulnerable families in a community but our programme focuses on the whole community. We do sanitation training for everyone in the village and we will also encourage others in the village to copy our design and build rainwater harvesting structures for themselves. As a result, our work lifts the entire community, not just the most vulnerable families. 

£4 donation

£4 provides a family of six with clean water at home for a month.

£10 donation

£10 provides three families of six with clean water for a month.

£50 donation

£50 provides all the vulnerable families in a hamlet with clean water at home for a month.

Other ways To donate

There are several ways to donate. If you prefer not to use the online form, please see the options below – if none of these work, please do get in touch with us. 

By Post

Post a cheque (made payable to WaterHarvest) to: 

WaterHarvest, Basepoint, 1 Winnall Valley Road, Winchester, SO23 0LD.

By bank transfer

To transfer directly to our bank account, please use contact us for details. 

Gift Aid Form

With Gift Aid, we can claim back an extra 25%. Please complete the Gift Aid Form here or email us a Gift Aid Declaration. 

Meet Goga

No longer walking to fetch water

As a result of a roof rainwater harvesting tank, Goga no longer needs to walk 4 km a day to fetch water. 

Better health, Able to send her children to school

With clean water at home all year round, Goga and her family have better health, her children can go to school and she has more time for work and relaxation. 

Giving Goga back her dignity

Water at home restores dignity. Women, like Goga, have time for themselves, their families and their friends. 

Our Promise to you

We will stay true to our values

We will ensure that your donation has maximum impact by remaining lean, efficient agile and innovative. We will completely respect your privacy and will not share your details. We will answer any questions you have honestly and transparently. We will deliver cost effective programmes that create long term value and impact for those who need it the most, regardless of gender, religion, race or caste. 

Enabling children to go to school