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India is a vast and rapidly developing country.  But in the remote, barren and arid villages in rural India, where we work, communities are still struggling to survive without access to safer water.

The only option for families is to spend their meagre household income on expensive water deliveries from unknown, and possibly contaminated, water sources. Or for women and girls to spend their days walking to fetch water from distant wells, and head-loading it home.

With your help, we can change this.  For 30 years, we have worked with local communities to help them capture and preserve water, using traditional methods, inherited from times when people lived more harmoniously with the planet.

Reg Giving

Regular giving is particularly valuable to us and helps us with our planning.  Any amount, big or small, can help make a real difference.  Thank you for your support.

Our secure online donation form is quick and easy to use, but if you would prefer to send a cheque, you can download the relevant form, complete it and send it with your cheque to our UK address.
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Wishing Well Charity Gifts

Giving a friend or loved one a Wishing Well Charity Gift is a wonderful way to wish them well, but also support people struggling with the impacts of water poverty in rural India

Learn a Lesson 2 Learn a Lesson – £5

A teaching pack provides the tools to teach a classroom of 25 children how good hygiene practice can save lives

Pot Luck 2 Pot Luck – £6

Women in rural India still carry traditional clay matka pots on their heads for up to 8 hours a day, fetching water. Metal matka pots are lighter, cleaner and stronger, and 10 pots will benefit a whole family.

Treat a Toilet 2 Treat a Toilet – £9

Government grants are paying for more and more toilets to be built in rural India, but WaterHarvest ensures people know how to use and look after them.  Training 30 toilet champions can change a whole community

Filter Dirty Water 2 Filter Dirty Water – £10

Every minute, a child dies from a water-related disease.  A simple filter makes life-saving water safer to drink

Ladle it On 2 Ladle it On – £12

Water is precious, so when you have it, you need to keep it clean, or risk spreading water-borne diseases.  200 metal ladles will provide for a whole community to hygienically share water, and will last a lifetime

Pledge a Plant 2 Pledge a Plant – £32

Once a community has water, it can grow produce to make a living.  Your gift will enable WaterHarvest to provide 100 fruit and fodder plants for villagers to sow and sell

Gift of the gab 2 Gift of the Gab – £43

Help communities to multiply the impact of our work by securing support from local government schemes to improve access to water and sanitation. Your gift will enable us to coach village leaders for a whole year to know what to say and do

Catch and Keep Rain 2 Catch and Keep Rain £315

A roof rainwater harvesting system captures and stores precious monsoon rain from the roof of a family’s house to provide life-saving drinking water

Mend a Well 2 Mend a Well £407

A large village well in rural India can often be the only source of free water for miles around but if it’s not looked after, it can get contaminated. Your gift will allow WaterHarvest and the local community to fix a well to benefit all

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